About Maxlearn

Established in 2010, we started out as Elite Enrichment Centre in Telok Blangah Crescent.Build a reputation for high quality teaching and education in Singapore with our signature programmes: Maths and Science. Over the years, the demand of English and Chinese has grown and so have our company developing further into Maxlearn Education House.

We provide a wide range of academic and enrichment programmes for various group ranging from 5 to 18 years old. High-quality tuition backed by a pool of competent tutors who are familiar with the school syllabus. With strong understanding of examination requirements and syllabuses, our tutors have successfully helped students to achieve great progress and constantly improve their academic grades. We believe that with our team of professional and passionate tutors and quality tuition, we are able to partner with our customer to rise student to excel in their character and academia, making every child a champion in his/her own way.



Pre-Primary courses are the strong foundations on which the future academic excellence will be based. These courses introduce the child to an environment other than their own homes...
Primary courses offered at Maxlearn Education House are designed so as to help a child realize his or her full potential. At this tender age, it is necessary to instill a feeling of comfort...
Secondary Education requires a balanced approach from the tutors that encourages the students to be self-driven and at the same time provides the specific guidance and tips...
Holiday Programmes
It is a super competitive world out there. Every child is searching for that extra edge which would help him stand out in the crowd. For a student, his time during the...

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