about us

The humble beginnings of Maxlearn Education House can be traced back to a small educational academy based at Telok Blangah Crescent in the Telok Blangah region of Singapore. We started out as the Elite Enrichment Centre. At the outset, the academy offered its signature programs in Mathematics and Science to the students. Before long we were renowned as a knowledge centre which imbibed in its students a basic curiosity and love for the subjects along with a fun element to lighten the burden of studies. Parents placed their children`s academic futures and their complete trust in us.

Constantly staying one step ahead of the rapidly changing education landscape in Singapore, Elite Enrichment Centre started offering various academic and enrichment courses including English and Chinese among others. With time, this centre of learning morphed into the Maxlearn Education House – the definitive destination for students of ages 5 – 18 years. We are quietly confident that in our teaching staff, you will find the most reassuring tutors who are well-versed in their area of expertise. They stay up to date with the latest school syllabus and directives from the Ministry of Education. It is essential that your child improves his academic performance and ultimately gets better grades than earlier in a short span of time. To this end, our tutors work on a two-pronged strategy: One, which clears the basic concepts of the subject in the student’s mind and makes learning fun. Two, which keeps the focus on the specifics such as examination formats and requirements and the syllabus. This helps the students to attain better grades by smart learning rather than the dull and repetitive mugging. We believe that this approach increases the child`s self-confidence overall – not just in academics. This means, your child is ready, not only for school, but for life.

A wholesome learning experience

At Maxlearn, we understand that learning is not merely a singular activity, but an experience. The child`s aim is surely to get good grades, but that is not achieved by just cramming up the course contents in the school curriculum. Interactive learning sessions, hands-on experiments, group activities, mock-drills of real-life situations and decision-making, all these aspects are a part of the training-teaching methodology at our institute. Reference material and relevant books pertaining to the taught subjects, but not necessarily in the curriculum are available to the students at our in-house library. We encourage the students to satisfy their curiosity about their favourite subjects by learning more about them than what is compulsorily taught at school. This approach instills a better understanding of the subject matter in the students’ minds which in turn makes learning fun and achieving good grades effortless.

The ambience where a child studies should be a relaxed space conducive to long periods of focused learning. To this end, we have taken steps to provide the students with spacious learning areas and supporting facilities so that they may realize their true potential. Clean classrooms, air-conditioned interiors, ergonomical furniture, orderly seating, up to date teaching aids… it is the attention to these small but important details that makes a huge difference in the institute`s work culture and team ethic.

Suffice to say, we leave no stone unturned to make the task of learning and succeeding in examinations as easy as possible for your child.

Know your child’s teacher

As a loving parent, it is obvious that you would want to know everything about the people whom you are entrusting with the responsibility of unlocking your child`s academic future. At Maxlearn, we are extremely proud of our teaching staff. We know that teachers are the most accessible role models for their students. Each tutor at Maxlearn lives up to be a responsible, empathetic and a caring individual first, an academician later. Our tutors have excellent inter-personal skills and the awareness and experience to deal with the special needs of kids in a highly competitive environment. They know that each child is unique and will demand a well-calibrated, personalised approach towards learning rather than the dictum of ‘One size fits all’.

Teaching is a specialized profession and there is a unique skill-set that every successful teacher needs to master. Conducting effective classes, delivering to-the-point lectures, devising and teaching easy techniques to remember difficult aspects of course material, setting question papers and marking them correctly, collaborating with teachers of other subjects to adapt better teaching methods – all these are the technical aspects that build a better teacher. Only when the teachers are at their best, can we expect the students to deliver fully on their promise.Maxlearn Education House takes due care in the training and development of its teachers and tutors so that your children get everything they deserve and even more.


A society where children ‘yearn to learn’. A nation where a child embraces the creative learning process which leads to him being a successful citizen later in life.


We strongly believe that creative learning is the key to a child’s success. Our mission therefore, is to build learning centers and knowledge disbursal institutes with `creative learning principles’ as its corner stone. These institutes will embody the true learning spirit and provide the ideal conditions for its students to get inspired and pursue their interests to the next level – helping the society as a whole to achieve its true potential.