Holiday Programmes

It is a super competitive world out there. Every child is searching for that extra edge which would help him stand out in the crowd. For a student, his time during the academic session is best utilized in maximizing his test scores and examination results. The focus is to be the best in the format or manner of the school tests. This leaves little time to explore any subject in deeper detail. Learning exciting new skills and exploring different avenues which might appeal to the child is also not possible during the regular academic season owing to time constraints. With Maxlearn’s varied holiday programmes and multitude of well thought out extra-curricular activities, your child is exposed to a whole new set of possibilities. Progressive learning for topics that the child is passionate about is an option worth pursuing during the holidays. The holiday programmes also offer additional support to students who wish to revise important subjects of the school curriculum so that they have a better grasp of its critical aspects. This in turn, helps them to achieve better results in the next academic session.

Please contact us to get a detailed understanding of the complete array of holiday programmes that we offer at different levels to choose what is best for your child.